Called Special Meeting of the City Council 
City of Lubbock, Texas
Meeting Agenda

July 20, 2021 at 8:30 A.M.
Daniel M. Pope, Mayor
Steve Massengale, Mayor Pro Tem, District 4
Juan A. Chadis, Council Member, District 1
Shelia Patterson Harris, Council Member, District 2
Jeff Griffith, Council Member District 3

Randy Christian, Council Member, District 5
Latrelle Joy, Council Member, District 6
W. Jarrett Atkinson, City Manager
Chad Weaver, City Attorney
Rebecca Garza, City Secretary

Citizens Tower
1314 Avenue K, City Council Chambers, Lubbock, Texas 

City of Lubbock City Council Meetings are available to all persons regardless of disability. If you require special assistance, please contact the City Secretary's Office at 775-2061 or write to Post Office Box 2000, Lubbock, Texas 79457 at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

8:30 a.m. - City Council convenes in City Council Chambers, Citizens Tower, 1314 Avenue K, Lubbock, Texas

Participation in the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization's Transportation Policy Committee Meeting: City Council will attend and participate in discussion during the meeting of the Transportation Policy Committee, in which the Committee will consider the following matters:
1. 1.   Safety Procedures
1. 2.   Public Comment Period/Acknowledgment of Guest of the Transportation Policy Committee.
1. 3.   The Committee will approve the minutes from the Transportation Policy Committee meeting of June 15, 2021.
1. 4.   The Committee will conduct a public meeting to receive comments on the proposed FY 2022 amendment of the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization's Public Participation Plan. No action will be taken by the Committee or City Council.
1. 5.   Discuss and the Committee will take appropriate action regarding Resolution 2021-11 adopting adjusted Pavement and Bridge Performance Measures (PM-2).
1. 6.   Discuss and the Committee will take appropriate action regarding Resolution 2021-12 adopting adjusted System Performance Measures (PM-3).
1. 7.   Discuss and the Committee will take appropriate action regarding Resolution 2021-13 adopting amended Bylaws for the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization.
1. 8.   Discuss and the Committee will take appropriate action regarding the unexpired term of the Vice Chair to October 2022.
1. 9.   Reports
1. 9. 1.  
Report on the City of Lubbock street bond proposal.
1. 9. 2.  
Interstate 27 extension news.
1. 9. 3.  
Quarterly report on TIP projects.
1. 9. 4.  
Quarterly report on TSMO activities.
1. 9. 5.  
Shop early for Christmas/shipping dashboard.
1. 9. 6.  
Congress likely to "kick the can down the road" again.
1. 9. 7.  
North Houston Highway Improvement Project halted for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights concerns.
1. 9. 8.  
Monthly financial report.


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