August 2, 2021
3:30 P.M.

The City Council of the City of Lubbock, Texas met in special session on the 2nd of August, 2021, in City Council Chambers, Citizens Tower, 1314 Avenue K, Lubbock, Texas, and via video conference and teleconference at 3:30 p.m.

3:35 P.M.               CITY COUNCIL CONVENED
City Council Chambers, Citizens Tower, 1314 Avenue K, Lubbock, Texas and via video conference and teleconference
Mayor Daniel M. Pope; Mayor Pro Tem Steve Massengale; Council Member Juan A. Chadis; Council Member Randy Christian; Council Member Jeff Griffith; Council Member Latrelle Joy; Council Member Shelia Patterson Harris; City Manager W. Jarrett Atkinson; City Secretary Rebecca Garza; City Attorney Chad Weaver
Note:      City Council addressed agenda items in the following order:
  • 1.1
   1. Hear and discuss presentations regarding the following and provide guidance to staff as appropriate.
   1. Presentation and discussion of the Proposed FY 2021-22 Operating Budget and Capital Program, and discuss all funds of the City, including but not limited to General Fund, Debt Service Fund, Internal Services, Enterprise Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Component Units, Related Entities, Debt and Debt Obligations, Capital Improvement Program, and related and associated items; and take action to direct the City Manager to make changes to said Budget.

Jarrett Atkinson, city manager, gave a presentation and answered questions from City Council on the Proposed FY 2021-22 Operating Budget and Capital Program. Discussion included, but was not limited to, FY 2020-21 year report, executive overview, unemployment rates, inflation, funding sources, expenses, compensation adjustments, historic staffing levels, excess reserves, property tax, sales tax, and debt profile. Blu Kostelich, chief financial officer, gave a presentation regarding investment earnings and answered questions from City Council.

Mr. Atkinson further presented on the General Fund [consisting of: Administrative Services, City Attorney, City Council, City Manager, City Secretary, Facilities Management, Finance, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Communication & Marketing/311 Call Center, Non-Departmental, Cultural & Recreation Services (including Libraries, Cultural Arts, and Parks & Recreation), Development Services (including Building Safety, Code Enforcement, Environmental Health, and Planning), Public Works (including Engineering, Solid Waste, Streets, and Traffic), Public Safety (including Animal Services, Lubbock Fire Rescue, Lubbock Police Department, Municipal Court, and Public Health)]; and Internal Services (including Fleet Services, Health Benefits, Information Technology, and Telecommunications). Wood Franklin, division director of public works, gave a presentation on the FY 2021-22 Street Maintenance Program and answered questions from City Council.

Rebecca Garza, city secretary; Chad Weaver, city attorney; Floyd Mitchell, chief of police; Greg Zielinski, chief building official; Stuart Walker, director of code enforcement; Stevan Walker, director of environmental health; Brenda Haney, director of solid waste; Steven Greene, director of animal services; Shaun Fogerson, fire chief; Judge Jorge E. Hernandez, municipal court judge; Aimee Tayag, municipal court administrator; Katherine Wells, director of public health; Bryan Isham, director of planning; Brooke Witcher, assistant city manager; Colby VanGundy, director of parks & recreation; Wood Franklin, division director of public works; and Clifton Beck, director of human resources, gave comments and answered questions from City Council.

Discussion ensued among City Council regarding the presentation, requests for additional information on various topics, and further direction to the City Manager, as it relates to the budget. City Council gave direction to staff to work with bond counsel on potential changes to the General Fund reserve policy level and report back at a later date.

There being no further business to come before Council, Mayor Pope adjourned the meeting.

The August 2, 2021 Special City Council Meeting minutes were approved by the City Council on the 24th day of August, 2021.

Rebecca Garza, City Secretary


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